Electronic Cigarettes Reviews

Some history of the E-Cigs

I'm a french lad living in Hollywood for quite a few years, we have now recently watched and seen many of our close friends and other personages have, hold, and talk about these new unique looking things. We have observed these new things with distinct and open minded thoughts because of our own social smoking. Our friends seem happy and content holding and puffing away at these strange tubular things that have an ending tip with a slightly red or orange light. They have called it an e cigarette. When smoked, the far side of the tube looks like a burning ember of a cigarette and when inhaled only a slight puff of vapor comes out. We asked our friends and compatriots about these e cigarettes and “they” said (Safe Cigs) are openly being (smoked?) by them and many other friends (to) try and kick their own dreadful nicotine/cigarette habit. This is serious. Very serious. Tracheotomies and lung cancer from tobacco products are horrendous and vile. We have studied and if one life may be saved then this electronic cigarette review is worth its weight on gold or platinum. Cigarettes have been smoked in Hollywood pictures/films since its dawn and we are wondering when they will start filming a new and bold version of e cigarettes. Then we could not stop thinking of past eras. Garbo, Chaplin, and Bogart. The 1920’s – 1940’s era of Hollywoodland’s silent screen sirens and ballyhooed film and motion picture screen acting giants. Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, Warner Brothers, RCA, Paramount Pictures, et al. They ran everything. Which film giant will now put this (Safe Cig) in films.

It seems as if our own electronic cigarette review changed from the true and tantamount thoughts of the extreme and serious issues of human health issues due to the inhaling of toxic, noxious cigarette smoke and the prevalent nicotine problem/addiction (in which, of course, our review will take a quick stab at it later on in another review, but we will tell you now, if a Safe Cig will save or prolong any person’s life, we are all for it). We as a team (of two) doing this issue of a (Safe Cig) electronic cigarette review, and being smokers ourselves, have qualified it as a probable and possible safe way and indeed a much better way to live life for a much longer time.

The history of the electronic cigarette starts with the Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, whose invention started in 2003. The marketing of the electronic cigarette began in 2004 first under the name of Golden Dragon Holdings, later changing to Ruyan Group Holdings. The Chinese word, Ruyan, translates to “resemble smoking”. Hon Lik is a genius. The Safe Cig company was the first to introduce the electronic cigarette to America. Leaving the east coast to live in the Hollywood Hills, this family oriented company brought to all Americans the true clean sophistication of the electronic cigarette. Review their website to educate yourself on the positive results you can acquire by purchasing The Safe Cig. Familiarize yourself with the actual parts involved in the electronic cigarette and the starter kits along with the accessories made easily available. Imagine no lingering odor, no tar, no ash, no offensive smoke, no flame combustion from this wonderful step in to better health for all of our lives and the lives of our children to come. 


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