Buying Electronic Cigarettes

We are buying electronic cigarettes for so many reasons. Imagine no lingering odor, no tar, no ash, no offensive smoke, no flame combustion from this wonderful step into better health for all of our lives and the lives of our children to come. The Safe Cig company introduced these electronic cigarettes to in 2007. They are now, and hopefully forever, the safer, cheaper and cleaner way to go!!

Why Are We Buying Electronic Cigarettes?

Buying electronic cigarettes has transformed us back into the glitzy, glamorous days of Hollywood. Take a walk along Sunset Strip and enter any of the famous clubs, the Whiskey A Go Go, the Roxy, or the Rainbow to see our younger generation utilizing the Safe Cig as if they were back in the 1920’s -1940’s Hollywoodland. These safe cigs can be smoked in any bar or restaurant or club because electronic cigarettes are not tobacco based and use very little to zero nicotine. Everyone knows about the safe smoking laws that were implemented in both L.A. and New York City and soon coming to bar and nightclub patrons everywhere. A really hard lined no smoking in public places and hefty fines on the new tobacco laws. The Safe Cig is the way to go. Clean and sophisticated. The electronic cigarette is smooth, compact, with no tar and best of all, no smoke, tracheotomies and lung cancer. Check out The Safe Cig website, educate yourself and take those giant steps into buying electronic cigarettes.

The Safe Cig company is a family owned and operated business. As you can easily tell by the company’s name what thought came exactly first and foremost in these gentlemens’ minds. Safe. The Safe Cig has just recently made the move from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to its new sunny home in the Hollywood Hills, California where they have found great support from the entertainment industry and Hollywood’s wonderful artistic community. This just may be the beginnings of a new era. One can hope and it is certainly a start with The Safe Cig. The most stunning thing was this, their motto: “We pride ourselves on offering a world class product to our valued customers each and every time an order is placed. Our customer service goal is very simple, if there is a problem, we get it fixed.” That phrase fit perfect as to why The Safe Cig was first in the United States, is first in safety and is now number one in sales. There is a reason for this. The Safe Cig company just works hard and tries hardest. The company can have up to 250 people working with excellence and determination toward the satisfaction of their customers buying electronic cigarettes.

What is really interesting is The Safe Cig company has figured out a way to have your own personal choice of nicotine levels in your personal electronic cigarette. All the way from 24 mg, 18mg, 14mg, 11mg, 6mg and down to zero if you so choose. Educate yourself and others on the positive results you can acquire by purchasing The Safe Cig. Familiarize yourself with the actual parts involved in the electronic cigarette, it really is interesting. View the different choices of starter kits and learn which one suits your needs, along with the accessories made easily available. Look up The Safe Cig on Facebook and listen to what their users have to say on kicking a filthy habit and disease. Add your own thoughts and comments. View the photographs of the events of this invention that is making everyone smile and talk about a healthier life. Tobacco products certainly stop a healthier and wealthier way of life. All anyone has to do is read the side of a cigarette package. The tobacco companies take your money and steal your lives. Wise up everybody, e cigarettes are the way to go.


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