Best Electronic Cigarettes

The Safe Cig is the company that introduced electronic cigarettes to us. The Safe Cig, the company that has the best electronic cigarettes in the world.

What Are The Best Electronic Cigarettes?

The Safe Cig, family owned and operated (and internet only driven) e cigarette company that really cares about people’s health and works hard to do just that. The name says it all. The Safe Cig company just recently moved from the east coast (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to be exact) and now has its new home base in the wonderful and beautiful Hollywood Hills, California. Having the best electronic cigarettes, and having the most trusted e cigarette in the world is not easy and takes quite a bit of research, engineering, time, and analysis to supply this burgeoning new business of electric cigarettes. The Safe Cig privately and proudly funds all of its own engineering and research teams, and has been a true model of excellence in this new field of e cigarettes. No tar, no ash, no offending and lingering odor from the smoke of a tobacco cigarette. Just a bit of wispy vapor and a battery powered red LED light to let you know you that you just took an electronic puff. What is really interesting is The Safe Cig has figured out a way to have your own personal choice of nicotine levels in your personal electric cigarette. All the way from 24 mg, 18mg, 14mg, 11mg, 6mg and down to zero if you so choose.

First, a brief history lesson of the electronic cigarette or e cig, as some people are now calling them. In China, where 60% of males over the age of 18 are cigarette smokers, a 52 year old pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik (while studying oriental medicines at university) came up with the idea in 2003 after loosing his father to lung cancer. Hon Lik, a heavy smoker himself, has quit tobacco smoking and now uses the electronic cigarette only occasionally. In 2004, Golden Dragon Holdings, which later became Ruyan Group Holdings (Ruyan means to resemble smoking in Chinese) then started marketing and selling electric cigarettes in China. Hon Lik is a genius.

And then came The Safe Cig, the best electronic cigarettes ever made in the world. The Safe Cig was founded in 2007. Theirs is quite the success story. They certainly had a goal and still put in the hours it takes to make The Safe Cig the best electronic cigarettes around. The company can have up to 250 people working with excellence and determination toward the satisfaction of their customers. Here is The Safe Cig motto that the company and their employees holds so dear. “We pride ourselves on offering a world class product to our valued customers each and every time an order is placed. Our customer service goal is very simple, if there is a problem, we get it fixed.”

Find out why they are the best electronic cigarettes in the world on their website. Educate yourself and others on the positive results you can acquire by purchasing The Safe Cig. Familiarize yourself with the actual parts involved in the electronic cigarette, it really is interesting. View the different choices of starter kits and learn which one is suited to your needs, along with the accessories made easily available. Look up The Safe Cig on Facebook and listen to what their users have to say about kicking the filthy habit and disease. View the photographs of the events of this invention that is making everyone smile and talk about a healthier life. Living life without the cigarette companies getting a strangle hold on your wealth and health is what the new e cigarette is all about. Tracheotomies, tongue cancer and lung cancer can be avoided with a safe cig.


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